Winter Baseball Academy

Winter Baseball Academy 

New for 2018, the Iron Horse indoor complex will be hosting a weekly baseball academy for baseball players in an extremely individual-focused level.

Schedule & Cost– The academy will be conducted on Tuesday evenings each week, in two hour increments. It runs Jan/Feb/March. The cost is $25 per session.

Registration: To register, please call or text Coach Brisbin at 814-937-4562.

Players will be trained in groups of four, arranged by age level, in two-hour increments under constant supervision/coaching using the following general program:


First half-hour:  Hitters begin stretching, getting loose, doing swing breakdowns, and focusing on     mechanics in a closed area outside of the cages. Hitters then pair up and work on hitting from tee’s, focusing on proper mechanics, swing plane, contact points, and coordination.

Second half-hour: Hitters enter the cage to complete multiple rounds of live hitting, focusing on proper mechanics (balanced stance, proper plate distance, transferring weight, keeping hands in, making contact, follow-through, etc.).  Hitting will be recorded and technique analyzed using RVP Video Analyzation.

Third half-hour: Bunting-sacrifice bunts, directional bunts, push-bunts, squeeze bunts, etc.; Fielding & Throwing-proper mechanics, fielding, transition, throwing, etc.

Fourth half-hour: Agility, Base Running, Speed Training- ladder drills, agility drills, proper lead-offs, etc.


Instructors & Staff

Dave Brisbin – Co-founder and GM of the Altoona Curve Jr’s. travel baseball organization and has been a head coach at all levels, including the college level at Penn State Altoona for 14 years. Dave has over 45 years of baseball experience, but is specifically dedicated to hitting instruction. He has worked with several professional hitting instructors over the years and is well known throughout west-central PA for his expertise. He worked under Major League hitting instructor, Cal Emory of the Chicago White Sox for 8 years. Cal had this to say about Dave – “Dave has shown exemplary passion in learning the art of hitting. I would recommend Dave anywhere as a hitting instructor”.

Dave has a dedicated staff of experienced baseball coaches including the following head instructors:

Johnny Wilson – travels with the Altoona Curve as an Asst. Coach/Instructor.  Johnny also serves as a hitting coach with the Curve Jr’s. Program.

Mel Keppner – Assistant GM/Head Catching Instructor

Andy Bagley- Head Outfield Instructor

Craig Swineford – Head Pitching Instructor, Certified by the National Pitching Association

Jeff Hensor – Head Infield Instructor