Facility Rules

  1. No batting, tee-work, or soft toss of any kind is allowed unless an ERA/Flood City/Iron Horse coach is present.
  2. Batting Helmets are required to be worn by the batter at all times.
  3. Batting helmets, with face shield, must be worn by the pitcher (including all coaches). If a team/coach provides proof of insurance and a signed waiver, helmets worn by coaches are optional.
  4. L-Screens are absolutely mandatory for every pitcher, regardless of who is batting. No exceptions.
  5. Batters cannot swing any bat unless they are in a cage – “warm up swings” outside of the cages are not allowed.
  6. No tee-work or soft-toss is allowed outside of the designated batting area (define as either in a cage or in a designated location with a screen and protected from entry by spectators).
  7. Only one batter can be in each cage at a time, unless picking up balls.
  8. No parent or children are allowed in the cages or in the batting training area. Keep behind the barricade.
  9. No one under 4ft. 6-inches tall can use any pitching machine.
  10. Pitching machines are only for use by ERA/Flood City/Iron Horse coaches – no outside teams or players can use these. No exceptions.
  11. Maximum pitching speeds from machines is 80mph for everyone over 12 years of age, and 65mph for everyone 11 years of age or younger.